Dan's dome home in eastern Pennsylvania.

go to Timberline's site We built a geodesic dome home using Timberline Geodesic's "Hickory" kit, with a few minor modifications.

Lilliput enjoys the sun.
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Here's a shot of the house from 8/26/05, about four years after construction. One thing I love about this place is that the house feels so much bigger on the inside that it looks on the outside. The living area, with it's soaring 24' high ceiling, has a great sense of openness to it!

The site's organized along these sequential steps in building the house - excavation, foundation, first floor deck, kit construction, roofing, septic system, utilities, and finish work.

I'm working on a new cost to build page, which will give a cost breakdown for all the different elements of the project.
Excavation | Foundation | First floor deck | Kit construction | Roof | Septic | Utilities | Finish | contact
One of the tricky things is to get all the paperwork & contractors organized so things happen in the proper sequence.timing

The easy (and more expensive) way to go about this is to simply hire a builder to take care of everything for you, or you can act as your own general contractor and hire all the workers yourself, or, if you're handy and have a LOT of free time, you can do all the work yourself. I opted to go the second route, and save only the dome construction and a few other easy tasks for myself. We were lucky in that we already knew, and trusted, just about everyone else we needed to finish the job.

We moved into the house in May, 2001, although there's still a little trim & spackle to finish up (it may remain unfinished for a little while...). My music studio downstairs is up and running, and we've started thinking about various other building projects. I miss building! Maybe an addition in the spring?