Basement partitions & first floor deck.

Timberline's Hickory floor plan called for supporting walls in the basement, so these had to be built before the first floor decking was built. The basement floor consists of 4" of concrete poured over at least 4" of stone, but the load-bearing walls need more concrete under them than that, so we marked out the line that these walls would take, and cleared out the stone there before the concrete trucks came in. This way, when the concrete was poured, there would be at least 8" of concrete under the load-bearing walls.

Our new neighbor, Bob Shreve turned out to be a general contractor, excellent carpenter, and all-around good guy, so we asked him to do all the carpentry work, and help fill in the gaps whenever I felt over my head.

Bob measures partition walls going up

tar slopping The Superior Walls system requires that the concrete basement floor be poured and the first floor deck completed before the foundation is "backfilled", that is, before dirt that was dug out of the hole is filled in again around the basement walls.

With most basement systems, it's necessary to waterproof the walls that will end up below ground level before backfilling - in fact, this step is usually required in my township in order to pass inspection. The Superior Walls folks claim this isn't necessary, since the 5000 p.s.i. concrete they use to cast the walls is supposed to be waterproof. However, I had an appointment cancelled the morning before the backfill, so I picked up a 5 gallon bucket of foundation sealer at my local hardware store, and slopped it on, taking care not to get the tar above the fill line.

Here's the first floor deck being constructed...

Started... ...on it's way... ...done!

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