Foundation & concrete basement slab.

We decided to use the Superior Walls system for the basement, designed, built, delivered, & installed by A.J. Construction of Wagontown, Pa. It consists of precast concrete panels which are shipped to the site and installed in a matter of hours. Major selling points include very strong, and allegedly waterproof, concrete, and prestudded walls ready to finish.

first walls in place closeup of the first walls halfway there

We chose Superior Walls because I didn't know any concrete guys in my area, and didn't know who I should trust this weird shape to. I wanted something that was going to fit exactly, and it seemed that the Superior Walls system would be my best bet.

There was some initial difficulty getting the numbers to crunch the right way when the Superior draftsmen were putting together their design according to Timberline's blueprint, but it all came around eventually after some consultation between Timberline & Superior.

Superior Walls plan Superior Walls installed

I then installed the pipes for a radon mitigation system, which is designed to vent radon gas from the basement to the outside of the home. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can seep into and collect in a basement. My area happens to be in the "radon belt", so we figured we'd better put something in. The photo below shows 4" perforated PVC pipe resting in the stone that the floor will be poured on.

radon mitigation pipes

A layer of plastic sheeting and wire mesh is placed over the stone, and then the concrete floor is poured.

concrete floor poured concrete floor finished

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