Roofing a dome is not a simple matter, and we didn't want to get just anyone to do the job. We couldn't find any roofers locally who had ever seen a dome home, much less worked on one, and we wanted to make sure we did this right. We ended up going with Jerome Lampro, a Eureka Ca. based roofer who name appears on Timberline's resource list. Jerome's done 80 domes over the past twenty years, and really knows his stuff. He'll travel anywhere in the states to roof a dome. His price was somewhat higher than an initial estimate a local roofer gave us, but we considered his experience to be well worth the price!

Jerome did the entire roof in about two weeks, working solo. The only required work on our part was going out to purchase materials, and cleanup.

You can contact Jerome via email at manatdawn@worldnet.att.net.

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